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1 another word for person; a person not meriting identification; "a strange personage appeared at the door"
2 a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events [syn: important person, influential person]

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  1. A famous or important person.
    • 1872, Oliver Wendell Holmes [Sr.], The Poet at the Breakfast-Table, page 230
      I can only say they have been in pretty close conversation several times of late, and, if I dared to think it of so very calm and dignified a personage, I should say that her color was a little heightened after one or more of these interviews.

Usage notes

  • In modern use, the noun personage is typically used with a partially redundant adjective, such as "notable" or "great"; as such, it may fairly be said to mean simply "person".


A famous or important person

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Adamite, Establishment, VIP, actor, antagonist, antihero, baron, being, big gun, big man, big name, big noise, big shot, big wheel, bigwig, bit, bit part, body, brass, brass hat, cast, cat, celebrity, chap, character, chief, constellation, creature, cue, customer, cynosure, dean, dignitary, dignity, doyen, doyenne, duck, earthling, elder, eminence, fat part, father, feeder, fellow, figure, folk hero, galaxy, great man, groundling, guy, hand, head, headliner, heavy, hero, heroine, high priest, homo, hotshot, human, human being, idol, immortal, important person, individual, ingenue, interests, joker, kingfish, kingpin, lead, lead role, leader, leading lady, leading man, leading woman, life, lines, lion, living soul, lords of creation, luminaries, luminary, magnate, man, man of mark, master, master spirit, mogul, mortal, nabob, name, nose, notability, notable, one, panjandrum, part, party, person, person of note, person of renown, personality, piece, pillar of society, pleiad, pop hero, popular hero, popular idol, power, power elite, principal, protagonist, public figure, role, ruling circle, sachem, senior, side, single, social lion, somebody, someone, something, soubrette, soul, star, straight part, superior, superstar, supporting character, supporting role, tellurian, terran, the great, the top, title role, top brass, top dog, top people, tycoon, very important person, villain, walk-on, walking part, worldling, worthy
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